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CHU 144: What ARE calories?!

I feel like I worked out with how much fun we had recording that show! I’m gonna go take a shower while you listen to stories about patterns, racism, the Superb Owl, sex positions, Valentine’s Day, movie plots, misandry, sex work, and fire. Episodes discussed: 219: Apple Butter 443: Proud to be an American 668: Bad Information 1534: I Will Always Love You 1726: Gone Skiin' w/ Myq Kaplan, Zach Sherwin, Ted Alexandro, and Stuckey & Murray 1926: We're Not in Kansas Anymore w/ Ted Alexandro 2569: Kill All Men w/ Marcia Belsky 2807: Unzipped w/ Billy Procida and Andrea Allan 3629: Lift Me Up February 13, 2024


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