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CHU 155: Learn From the Past

We have a saucy good time with the Chat Pack this week! On this crusty episode we talk about work, sex, the Blacks, condoms, books, fathers, language, relapses, and politics. Episodes discussed: 78: Grooming: Not Just for Queers 752: Home Sweet New York 987: I Love You w/ Myka Fox 1204: A Right Good Scrum w/ Scott Sigler 1414: Game of Thrones w/ Brother Love 1612: Dream Big 2660: Code-Switching w/ Alzo Slade 2888: Dirty Bastard w/ Iain Lee 3554: The World Is Crumbling w/ Bianca Brady, Rod & Karen Morrow, Newsy, and Shalewa Sharpe June 21, 2024


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